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iValve – The Intelligent and Cost Saving Hydraulic Solution
The iValve is the response to two major trends: Diminishing hydraulic know-how on job sites and the increasing demand for remote management

iValve – Reduce the Costs Intelligently

The iValve is the revolutionary new development of Bucher Hydraulics. This valve contains all advantages of the approved LRV-1 and follows trends and changes in the hydraulic market. With the iValve, you are ready for the future!


Features and Advantages

• up to 70 % less installation time
no more settings of hydraulic parameters required
iTeach is a self-teaching algorithm that provides the shortest travel curve autonomous
• up to 30 % energy saving
continuous short travel curve, independent of load and temperature
in many cases no oil cooling or heating is necessary
• highest level of safety
always an accurate positioning of +/- 3 mm, to prevent trip hazard
the self-monitoring function guarantees fully integrated A3 compliance
• first-class ride quality
smooth acceleration and deceleration thanks to electronic controlled travel curve (closed loop)
soft stop function with almost direct landing
• preventive maintenance (optional)
remote access (iAccess) and intelligent condition monitoring (iMonitoring) offers the opportunities for longer service life of components and advanced service level

Function description

• iTeach
The installation of the iValve does no more require any settings of hydraulic parameters. It adjusts itself.
• iAccess
From your office, you can access and monitor the iValve remotely, display data, condition and error messages, change parameters and check which provisions are necessary.
iAccess will be provided as an option, depending on the remote management system of the controller.
• iMonitoring
The valve monitors and analyses itself. It forecasts at what point in time which measures e.g. clean oil filter or replace a part will be needful - like you might know it from your car. In combination with iAccess you can get these data on your screen at your office.
iMonitoring will be available as an option in a second phase.​