Manufacturing & Services


When it comes to precision in the hydraulic & pneumatic manufactured cylinders, EMA is your optimum choice. We manufacture standard Cylinders to tailored ones according to your exact specifications and applications.
We design and manufacture wide range of cylinder’s types single/ double-acting and telescopic cylinders in different diameters, length and loading capacities using the finest materials and highest quality standards through the entire process of manufacturing includes material selection and supply, machining, assembly, testing, painting and documentation.


We can tailor hydraulic solutions to meet your specific industry requirements, from the design and manufacture of hydraulic components, to the installation, testing, repair, and servicing of both standard and customized hydraulic systems.


EMA Group is a premier hydraulics centre. Our dedicated design team uses the latest design software to develop hydraulic components to the highest standards.
Our manufacturing and testing facilities are state-of-the-art and our workshop is equipped with the latest technology to ensure fast and efficient repairs and servicing. We also have in-house honing machines and a CNC machine to manufacture a different size of seals from 3mm diameter up to 540mm diameter includes standard and non-standard seals, machining different types of materials according to your application.
EMA Group is possessing advanced sealing processing technology can produce sealing products with large size (unlimited diameter).
Our long experience in technology and market has enabled us to provide you the most professional and fast service in sealing product design, production, installation and maintenance site replacement.
EMA Group has the facilities and equipment to keep your business moving.


Marine & Offshore
EMA Group has your Marine & Offshore Hydraulics needs covered. Whether you have components that require servicing or a deck crane that needs repair, we have the resources, personnel, and experience to deliver complete marine and offshore hydraulic solutions.


We proudly serve the Construction sector with all the hydraulic services needed, as we manufacture and maintain all the hydraulic components used in protection walls for high-rise buildings (Climbing Form-work), and Tank Jacking System.


At EMA, we understand that specialist applications require specialist services. We have extensive experience in the manufacture of hydraulics for defense equipment that is often exposed to harsh sea conditions and temperature extremes.


EMA Group offers a range of specialist services to the mining industry. Our highly skilled and experienced hydraulics team can repair, overhaul, and test hydraulic components associated with truss conveyor systems and crushing/screening plants.


EMA provides a range of specialist services to the transport industry. We offer a range of Transport and Crane Services for Wheel Mounted Cranes, Commercial Truck Mounted Cranes, and Container Side-Lift Truck Hydraulics.