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History of the company


Establishing the Company through El Ahram Head Office


Establishing Gesser El – Suez Showroom

The company succeeds to represent the following company (sole distributor)

Yuken  Japan 

Bucher  Italy- germany            
Univer  Italy 
Sealing parts  Italy

Alta  Italy,Dalmar  Italy, Ufi  Italy  

1995- Establishing EMA for hydropneumatic co. in 10th of Ramadan as is showroom in Center of City El Ordonia Establishing EMA Co. for Trade and hydraulic services (C2) to assembly the Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder and power pack total area 750 m2

Sole distributor for the following Cos.
Danfoss _Denemark_hydraulic motor, steering unit
Comatrol_Italy _cartridge valves
Fundia _ Sweden _chrome plating bars


Sole distributor for the following Cos.: 
TDZ     Spain         Hydraulic Components

1998 Establishing EMA CO. for Hydro Pneumatic engineering on 6th of October
Establishing EMA Alexandria for hydro pneumatic at alexandria

1999 Establishing EMA CO. for hydraulic services (Kawasaki Egypt)

Factory at 10th of Ramadan on Area 1500 m2
Sole distributor for the following Cos.
 Kawasaki _Japan_ Hydraulic Pumps and Motors and Valves 
Prva (linde)_Yugoslav_ Hydraulic Pumps and Motors
ITV _Germany_ Hoses and air fittings
MSO Gasket USA All Types Of Seals

Establishing a new branch for manufacturing hydraulic and pneumatic seals under License of M.S.O USA
2000 and up

Establish the following branches:
EMA Alex for hydraulic services                    Alexandria
EMA EL Swis for trading and supplies           EL SWIS
Ema port said co. for hydro pneumatic          port said
Egyptian Lebanese seal                                  Alexanderia
Ema El Delta for hydro pneumatic Co.            Tanta
Ema El Sadat for hydropneumatic Co.             El Sadat City

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